HS Program Registration Overview

It's a snap - let's get going!

Each player must complete BOTH a Sunset Lacrosse  registration and an annual US Lacrosse Membership  renewal


Each player must complete and sign the following five waivers and documents.  All players must scan or photograph the signed waivers and documents and upload into your Sunset Lacrosse profile. Document Upload Instruction Link.

Registration is NOT complete without these documents and no player will be allowed to tryout / practice or compete without them.

The boys (RayAnn Armony) and girls (Janelle Lorts) registrars will collect all current (less than 2 years old) medical physicals and ImPACT tests already on file with Sunset HS - so there is no need for you to contact or collect these documents from the HS.  Verbal confirmation with registrar of completing ImPACT assessment is OK too.


Returning Player

$ 490
  • Season registration fee covers:

Coaches' salaries
 and tournament travel expenses
  • THPRD field usage and lighting
  • Uniforms
  • Game referees
  • Equipment and ball purchase and maintenance
  • Club administration, insurance, OHSLA / OGLA and web site
  • Does NOT include US Lacrosse annual membership - $35

New or Freshman Player

$ 540
  • Includes season registration fee + one-time $50 uniform deposit

US Lacrosse Renewal

$ 35
  • All players must have a current US Lacrosse Membership - renewed annually

Refund Policy

Team dues paid to Sunset Lacrosse are refundable up until the Sunday before games start for the season (3/16/18). All refund requests must be submitted to the Team Registrar via email (only written requests will be processed).  A $20 administrative fee will be withheld.  Sunset Lacrosse cannot refund fees paid to US Lacrosse.